Cue The Scott Walker Hate

I like Scott Walker for many reasons but maybe the main one is how he drives the Left crazy and I found a great example today.

NPR has a story entitled “Why Is Milwaukee So bad For Black People?” and in case the title isn’t enough to tell you what the story is about…

“While many Rust Belt cities — Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, etc. — have similar histories of African-American struggles, Milwaukee has some of the same problems but not the same profile, mainly because it isn’t well known for its large black population at all. But blacks make up 40 percent of the city and, for many who grew up there (like me), none of this data is surprising. Milwaukee is a vibrant city known for its breweries and ethnic festivals and can be a great place to live — unless you’re black. Statistically, it is one of the worst places in the country for African-Americans to reside. Here’s a breakdown of how — and why — being black in Brew City carries a heavy burden.”

“… the city is the most segregated in America.”

Predictably, clueless Leftists take this as a sign that Governor Scott Walker is a big RACIST!

npr comment

Hate to spoil the party for Averal and the rest of the NPR echo chamber but you might want to look at the 2014 Governor election results by county here and pay close attention to the small blue rectangle in the bottom right corner of the state.

WI election map

Yes, Democrats outnumbered Republicans almost 2 to 1.

If you want to pick a political party to call racist then you should start with the Democrats in Milwaukee.

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1 Response to Cue The Scott Walker Hate

  1. tannngl says:

    Your message is clear, concise.
    Democrats are not very good at desegregation, being blind to the color of our skin.
    They’re not very good for anyone, minorities included.

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